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Inkless Metal Pen

Inkless Metal Pen

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 Products description:

  Size: 16 *  ￸0.8cm       pen nib : 0.5mm       

  Colours :  Silver    God     Rose God     Black     Blue  

 Metarial:  Lead + special alloy steel       

  Exquisite box + Spare pen nib ( 1 pc ) + Pen Bag ( More convenient carry )

The solid-state writing pen also means that there will be no ink staining, pen ball damage, cold ink, etc., the hand will not be dyed when writing a line break, and the front text will not be spent. The tip of the pen is made of special alloy steel. The principle of writing is the friction between the tip and the paper to produce solid oxidation color on the paper. It will not fade after 25 years of writing. This ink-free pen extension has won the 2008 Outstanding Design Award and the architectural design of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum is considered to be the world's most prestigious design award - the "Good Design Award"!

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