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Abundance lip machine

Abundance lip machine

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The most plump lips are a painless and harmless lip beauty instrument.
Through the method of physical exercise, by aspirating the richness of the vacuum lip, it can expand the lip capillaries and ultimately increase the effect of the lips.
The effect of daily use will be more obvious. For 6 weeks, the lips will be very full due to more collagen production.
After use, the lips will be more pink and full, giving you natural and sexy lips.
You can change the two forms of lips at will.

Product parameters:
color: White
Material: Handle: ABS, floor lamp: PC, food grade silicone
Silicone sleeve 70 degree hardness
3.7 volt polymer battery: battery voltage
Battery capacity: 250 mAh lithium battery
Charging time: 40 minutes
Output voltage: 5 V
Operating voltage: ᄆ0 0,26a, 02A
Input current: 5V / 2A
Product size: approx. 18x5.6x5 cm / 7.09 * 2.20 * 1.97in
Appearance patent number: 005319969-0001

Certification: FDA FCC CE ROHS

Product description:

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